Makeover & Self Confidence Classes

How you look will either make a good impression or a bad one on those who meet you. Whether we like it or not we live in a society where people judge a book by its cover. We give our students the tools they need to enhance the beauty they already have. When you look great you feel great. However, we focus on the inner beauty as well. We believe that true beauty comes from within. Our goal in this session is for our students to realize the beauty they already behold.

What is covered in this session?
How you compose yourself, what clothing looks best on your body type, choosing the right colors for your skin tone and hair color, accessorizing, skin care, how to properly apply makeup from start to finish, enhance your facial features with makeup techniques, tips for styling every hair type, hygiene, nail maintenance, the importance of rest and tips to overcoming insecurities.

You will be able to experience a make-over by our instructor. We use only the best makeup on our students. The makeup we have chosen is Vunea Cosmetics. Vunea was created by Cristina Harty, the owner of Kharisma. You can get more details on her makeup line by clicking on the Vunea Cosmetics link on the top of the page. Also, we teach you how to give yourself a beautiful manicure with our nail supplies. You will walk away from this class with a brand new look and feeling great about yourself!

Reserve Your Spot:

We only accept ten students to ensure they get the attention and training they need and desire. We require a non-refundable payment in full upon registration which must be made prior to attending class.

How to Register:

Mail check to:

Kharisma Finishing School
Attn: Cristina Harty
9041 Orlando Ave
Navarre, FL 32566

Include with payment: Session attending, student’s name, age, allergies, special needs, phone number, address and email

Testimonies From Makeup Session:

“The self-improvement/makeover class was hands down my favorite class ever. It encouraged me to view myself in a more positive way, challenging me to focus on my strengths. It was so comforting to know that there are other girls who are fighting the same battle as me. I could not live without my Vunea cosmetics! I feel so beautiful when I am wearing their products! The foundation is so light and skin is able to breathe! This is the first makeup line I am truly addicted to!”

“I thank God you introduced me to the freedom God wanted me to see. Confidence is where my heart desired to be and know I feel it stronger than ever.”
Sherell Jenkins

“I’m just really want to say thank you for taking time to talk and listen to me. I've never been able to open up to an adult like that. It helped a lot getting it out. You inspired me to believe in myself more. Also, I need to love myself before I can try to love someone else. Lastly, that I don’t need to hide who I am. I'm really glad i met you.”

“I liked how you made us look in the mirror and find something good about ourselves. Also, I liked how we did the step over the line; that alone made me realize how many people are just like me, and how I am not alone. We all liked how you made us open up. We liked this because not many people care and take the time to find out our story. They usually look at us and think that were so young that its impossible for us to have problems. So we all liked it and it felt wonderful to let it all out.”

Makeover Schedule


Rebecca Schultz

Dates and Times:
We currently are not offering the Makeover & Self Confidence class this winter. If you would like to book a private Makeover & Self Confidence class in the spring or summer please contact Cristina Harty at: 612-812-0931.