Etiquette and First Impressions

There is nothing worse than sitting down at a formal table and not knowing what utensil or glass is yours, and perhaps more importantly when to use it! Our goal in this session is to ensure our students are confident in every social setting. They will learn the guidelines for proper introductions, communication skills, table manners, how to set a table properly, being a gracious guest and host, writing thank you cards, texting, talking on their cell phones, having gentlemen and ladylike behavior, sitting properly, giving a firm handshake, eye contact, having good posture, giving and receiving compliments and practicing kindness and respect.

Every day we communicate with others not only with our words, but with our actions. Up to 90% of communication is nonverbal. What are your actions saying about you? We stress the importance of treating others the way you want to be treated. We encourage our students to think of others and how they can make people’s day; it is far greater to give than to receive. Practicing social grace and manners are acts of giving. We challenge our students to live life with purpose, passion and respect.

A person will have a difficult time being confident in social settings if he or she does not know the guidelines to etiquette. When a person is confident socially he or she is more likely to achieve their dreams and be successful. A person may know everything there is to know about the field they are going into, but if they cannot do well interviewing or networking they may have a very hard time getting the job. Our course provides them with the proper tools to achieve success and confidence.

Reserve Your Spot:

We only accept ten students to ensure they get the attention and training they need and desire. We require a non-refundable payment in full upon registration which must be made prior to attending class.


How to Register:

Mail check to:

Kharisma Finishing School
Attn: Cristina Harty
9041 Orlando Ave
Navarre, FL 32566

Include with payment: Session attending, student’s name, age, allergies, special needs, phone number, address and email


Testimonies From Etiquette Session:

“It was great to meet you and the rest of the girls in class. Everyone was so nice. I feel blessed that I was able to be there. I learned a lot about etiquette. I knew a few things like how to sit like a lady and how to hold a conversation, but a lot of the things we learned at the table were new to me. I love learning new things. It was so fun.”

"I liked the whole session. I thought it was really interesting and she shared her personal stories with us. I learned so many new things. I learned how to better present myself, what types of things are rude to say and what types of things to say to people you just meet. I learned how to present myself better. Lastly, I learned to help others, believe in myself and accept others. This session was my favorite!”

“I loved how you had us get up and practice our new found skills of introducing ourselves, it really helped it stick. Also I enjoyed how you described us as a princess of Jesus and how we are a reflection of him. It made me really think about how our first impression really matters in showing who we are, being a princesses. I think you are a gifted speaker and hope many others have the opportunity to hear your wisdom.”

“I thank you for everything that you taught me at the etiquette session. You have become one of my role models. I know that it’s sort of weird to say that about a person and you just met them and have only heard them speak once but i see that you are a wonderful person inside and out. You are the kind of person i would like to grow up to be. You inspire me to help out other people as well as help myself, but at the same time keep God first and foremost in my life. I see that God has been with you through your career.”

“I plan on practicing my manners more often. So thank you for your time. It was really enjoyable. You did a great job.”

“Your tactics really did help me. Now i am more confident in my speaking and introducing myself to people.”

“You are a strong woman and will persevere and find the beauty in everyone. Look what you did with me and in me. Here I felt ugly as could be and God saw fit to bless me by placing you in my life. He used you to refine me and to cultivate the beauty within me. I want you to know I have not forgotten the things you have done for me. Your work and your prayers in my life have not gone unnoticed. I still even clap the proper way!”

Etiquette Schedule


Rebecca Schultz

Dates and Times:
We currently are not offering the Etiquette and First Impressions class this winter. If you would like to book a private Etiquette and First Impressions class in the spring or summer please contact Cristina Harty at: 612-812-0931.