Rebecca Schultz

Rebecca SchultzRebecca Schultz is our director for Kharisma Finishing School in Minnesota. Her upbeat personality and contagious smile makes you feel right at home. She has a passion to help young women become their very best. Her desire is to bring out the inner beauty and strengths of each of her students. She takes her roll in Kharisma very seriously because she was directly impacted by Kharisma as a young girl. She has been part of Kharisma for the past five years and has taken all of the courses that Kharisma offers. She also has modeled for two photo shoots through Kharisma both in studio and on location.

Rebecca has been a professional model for the past three years. She has done everything from being a model on MTV to modeling for Macy’s Spring Prom fashion show. She has photographed with some of the top photographers in the Twin Cities. She had the privilege of modeling for a world-famous photographer from Finland. Rebecca is often asked to be photographed by photographers to add to their portfolios. She has a natural ability to model and pose for the camera like no other! Photographers love the chance to work with her because of her enthusiasm and determination to get what the photographer is looking for.

Rebecca also has participated in the Miss Minnesota Teen USA pageant and the Pure Fashion Program. Rebecca is a firm believer of being a role model in her actions and the way she dresses. Kharisma is blessed to have her as an instructor not only because of her experience in the modeling industry, but because of her passion to help girls be their very best. She has a unique gift of helping girls feel special and beautiful. You will love taking one of her classes!

Interview With Rebecca:

Why have you chosen to work with Kharisma?

“Ever since I was a student at Kharisma, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it in every way possible. My life has been touched in so many ways from the classes I took at Kharisma, and I feel that this is one of the ways that I can give back. I have the privilege of mentoring young women by helping them grow in character and learn to achieve their dreams. As director of Kharisma in Minnesota, I am able to inspire women in my community to reach their highest potential.”

What motivates you to take on the responsibilities of being a Director for Kharisma? What is number one goal for your students?

“My motivation comes from the realization that I am able to help change girls’ lives. I have always felt a calling to speak to young women about finding their inner beauty. I believe that our culture is so focused on outer appearance that we often lose perspective of what makes us truly valuable. Our self-worth should not be found in conforming to media-portrayed images, but by fulfilling the purposes God has placed on our lives. My goal as director is to help each student become the strong and beautiful woman they were created to be.”

How would you describe your teaching style?

“I strive to create an environment where students feel comfortable to express their opinions without judgment, and learn new skills in a fun and creative way. I do this by offering plenty of hands-on activities as well as reflective exercises so that students can apply the skills they learn directly to their lives. Students will walk away from my classes feeling inspired to share with others what they have learned.”

How do you make your students feel special, loved and cared for?

“One of my favorite things about teaching is seeing all of the different personalities in the classroom. I encourage students by complimenting them on their strengths and showing them how to utilize their individual talents. I take time to work one-on-one with my students as much as possible because I want them to be able to learn how to fulfill their dreams.”

What is your personality like?

“I would say I am ambitious, encouraging, loving, insightful, compassionate and enthusiastic. These are all words that my close friends and family have used to describe me. I truly have a passion for life! I love meeting new people and learning about what they want to achieve in life. I believe that if you invest your life in other people and their dreams, you will never live a wasted day. One of my favorite quotes is, ‘Shoot for the moon; even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’ To me, there is no such thing as having your goals set too high. The only way to accomplish a goal is to believe you can do it. Not only do I like accomplishing my own goals, but I enjoy standing beside others, supporting them in achieving their goals.”

Why do you love teaching so much?

“There is nothing more I enjoy than teaching at Kharisma. The reason why I love teaching so much is because I am able to truly invest in people’s lives in an ongoing way. For most of my other jobs, I would see a customer only once; teaching allows me to get to know my students on a personal level, and gives me the opportunity to make a difference in their lives.”

What you have learned the most being a makeup artist and instructor:

“One of the many lessons I have learned as a makeup artist and instructor is that inner beauty is the best cosmetic a woman can have.”

Have you always enjoyed public speaking?

“When I was very young, I was very shy. I was very focused in school, but was afraid to talk to new people, answer questions in class, and much less give presentations in front of everyone! Whenever I would stand in front of the class, I would feel my face turn warm and my voice would start to quiver. It was not until I started taking classes at Kharisma that I gained enough confidence in myself to speak in front of large groups of people without becoming anxious. I learned how to minimize my fears by embracing challenges with confidence, grace, and poise. As my self-image improved, I started to enjoy meeting new people and public speaking became one of my hobbies. I know that Kharisma’s mission is to empower each student so that they can overcome any challenges and pursue their biggest dreams. I wholeheartedly believe that just like myself, each student will walk away as a new person.”

What is your current education?

“I have completed my Associate in Arts degree at North Hennepin Community College and I am currently a pre-med student at Bethel University pursuing a Biology major with minors in Chemistry and Philosophy.”

What personal struggles have you overcome and how does it relate to your teaching?

“I, like many girls, used to think that beauty had a formula. I thought that if I styled my hair and did my makeup the right way, wore designer label clothing, and ate close to nothing, I would be beautiful like the girls in magazines. I later realized that beauty has two components: inner and outer. Although on the outside I looked great after following those rituals, I still needed to realize that those beauty routines were not what made me beautiful.

At Kharisma we teach that inner beauty and outer beauty complement each other. While it is important to keep yourself well groomed, it is also important to be confident in who you are as a person. When I teach, I make sure that all of my students are aware of their inner beauty so that they can be confident enough to accomplish their life goals.”

What are your Hobbies?

“I love traveling and studying new cultures. I have been to 13 different countries! I enjoy working out, giving makeovers, eating at new restaurants, meeting new people and public speaking.”