About Us

Kharisma’s Beginning

Kharisma was founded by Cristina Harty back in 2003 in Wayzata, Minnesota. Cristina had a dream to be a positive role-model for young girls, and to help them achieve their goals and dreams. She started her school with only five students enrolled in her programs. Since 2003, Cristina has had the privilege of teaching over 5,000 students. Through hard work and dedication she is able to present you with this opportunity to expand your horizons and establish the dreams in your hearts. She believes that all success stories begin with a dream, when the dream is combined with determination you reach success.

What Kharisma Means:

The name Kharisma was conceived at a quaint coffee shop in the west suburbs of Minneapolis. Cristina was searching for a name that would inspire young women to be all that they can be, and restore confidence in themselves. The name Kharisma is all that and more. It is actually a Greek word that stands for the English word Charisma. Kharisma is more than just the name of our business; it is the heart of what we want to accomplish. The following are the meanings for this word.


...allows you to attract people’s attention and admiration by a special power some people possess.
...is a person that has favor.
...stands for leadership, magnetic charm, enthusiasm for a public figure.
...is a high degree of talent.
...has the power to inspire others.
...has a rare quality attributed to leaders who arouse the crowd.
...is the beauty that appeals to the senses.

These phrases are what Kharisma stands for and what we want to instill into our students; after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Our Vision:

Cristina has hired on three lovely instructors since 2003; Larissa Goris, Rebecca Schultz and Desiray Hayner. They share the same passions as Cristina; to touch the lives of young people and be a positive influence for them. Their purposes is to reach the core of every student’s heart by sharing the love of God with them.

Young women today face many pressures from peers, television shows, movies, and magazines; suggesting who they need to be and what they need to look like in order to be accepted in today's society. Young women are also looking for answers to many questions they have about themselves and what they are dealing with in life.

The instructors at Kharisma Finishing School give their students advice on how to overcome the challenges in life by building up their confidence. They bring out the inner beauty of each student, and help them see what makes them unique and special.

Cristina and her instructors believe in Kharisma Finishing School and what it stands for. They feel every person should attend not only for the experience, but also for how it will change their lives forever. They look forward to meeting you!

Cristina Harty & Our Staff